Top ten Science and Technology Workers

Liu Zhenfeng, general manager of Yichun Wanshen Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd., was awarded the "Top ten Science and Technology Workers" of Yichun City in 2020.


God rewards those who work hard, it is you who cast Wonsen today with diligence, dedication, write a new chapter with youth and passion.


Mr. Liu Zhenfeng is the general manager and senior engineer of Yichun Wanshen Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., LTD., he has been engaged in the design, manufacture and engineering research of pharmaceutical solid equipment for a long time, and has undertaken more than 20 scientific research projects. He has successively obtained 93 patents, 2 third prize of Scientific and technological inventions of Jiangxi Province ,made positive contributions to local economic construction and social development, and played an important role in promoting the close cooperation between industry, university, research and application, promoting the development of industrial science and technology innovation and market application support.


Innovation is the engine for survival and development of enterprise and is the base of corporate cultural spirit of Wonsen. Wonsen is always striving to build an innovative environment, introduce a competition system, enhance innovative conception and improve innovative ability of employees. Our enterprise pays much attention to information orientation, and applies new knowledge and advanced technology into updating product. The research and development ability has been increasingly enhanced, and Wonsen has been more vigorous with new products and technology emerging.

Wonsen has accumulated a large number of talents and abundant experience after many years of development. With professional technology and exquisite quality, Wonsen has attracted many domestic and overseas customers. During the cooperation and communication with them, Wonsen has become more aware of the importance of excellent quality and considerate service. The process of cooperation is also a process of accumulating our experience of growing and learning. Wonsen are striving to be better.

Post time: Jun-09-2022