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  • Double Chamber Bin Cleaning Machine

    Double Chamber Bin Cleaning Machine

    Application The ZLXHS series double chamber bin cleaning machine is mainly used for cleaning stainless steel drums, IBC transferring and mixing bins in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and so on industries. The ZLXHS series double chamber bin cleaning machine can effectively clean foreign matters remaining on the inner and outer surfaces of the bin to avoid cross contamination of various ingredients during the production. It is an indispensable machine in pharmaceutical enterprises. It is also ...
  • Multifunctional  bin cleaning machine

    Multifunctional bin cleaning machine

    It provides uniform cleaning standard for the cleaning of vessels and easily makes the traceability and certification of the cleaning process.

    It improves production efficiency.

    It reduces labor intensity of workers.

    The equipment is a machine integrating cleaning, drying and cooling functions. It adopts PLC control during the whole coursewhich is with high degree of automation and simple operation.

    The running parameters are recorded automatically to verify the running results.

  • Pharmaceutical Moveable Washing Station /automatic CIP cleaning station for IBC bin

    Pharmaceutical Moveable Washing Station /automatic CIP cleaning station for IBC bin

    The pressure in the boosting pump is used to convey the mixture of the cleaning liquid and the desired water source. Through different water source connections, different water inlet valves can be operated according to the needs to connect with water sources, the detergent adding volume is controled by valve then after mixing enters into boosting pump. Under the action of the boosting pump, flow output is formed within the pressure range of the pump according to the parameters in the pump height-flow performance table.The output flow changes with the change of pressure.

  • Vertical Bin Cleaning Machine

    Vertical Bin Cleaning Machine

    Application This machine is mainly used for transferring and mixing bins cleaning in the production process of solid preparations. The lifting arm extends the cleaning ball into the bin for cleaning. It can be adapted to bins of different specifications and is an ideal equipment for bin cleaning. Features ▲Manual lifting and automatic lifting is alternative ▲Suitable for cleaning IBC bins of different specification sizes ▲ HMI and PLC control, cleaning easily, can optionally complying 21CFR P...